lagopesole chapel

lagopesole courtyard

pollino three trees

lagopesole castle
Lagopesole Castle (Basilicata, Italy) was the residence of Frederick II. It was probably built between 1242 and 1250.

lucan dunes
Calanchi Landscape from Craco

Craco a ghost town in Basilicata, South of Italy

bosco canicella creek
Bosco della Canicella, Lauria, Basilicata, Italy

bosco canicella crossroads
Bosco della Canicella, Lauria, Basilicata, Italy

pietraferrata road
Lauria, località Pietraferrata, Basilicata, Italy

massiccio sirinino from lauria cavallo
The mountain range of Sirino from Lauria Nord (called “Cavallo”).

monte alpi
Monte Alpi, with its twin peaks Pizzo Falcone (1.900 m) and S. Croce (1.893 m), is a beautiful mountain of the “Appennino Lucano”, Basilicata, Italy.

serra ciavole window