Beatriz Egidio, Digital PR Madrid

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    1. by saverio

      bella luce

    2. Sorriso splendido e sguardo luminoso, ottimo ritratto!

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    4. Hi. I’m from the United States of America. I have stumbled upon this photo by accident. I think your beautiful. Thank You. My looks myself arnt-half bad, make someone smile, and you are off to the moon.
      My job has a little breathing room after a good amount of time been there. I believe where you live is a world where money is always an issue. We dont have that issue. Just show them what you got.
      For example our President gave all American citizens who has put in a W-2 form in, twelve-hundred dollars.
      Could you allow me to send you something? You live far from where I am, about five-thousand miles away.
      Thank you.

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